Tri Delta Invites are the highlight of every semester! An Invite is where every member has the opportunity to take a date of her choice to a special event at a surprise venue in LA. We have two semi-formal themed Invites each semester, with our signature being Delta Disco, or other fun themes like Viva Las Vegas, and Destination Delta!




Exchanges give us the opportunity to get to know a single fraternity on a more personal level as our house and one fraternity is bussed to a surprise venue in Los Angeles and we dance the night away! This year we had five exchanges with different fraternities and themes: Thrift Shop, Throw down for your Hometown, and Delta Draft, just to name a few.



Tailgate with Tri Delta

In addition to exchanges and invites, every year Tri Delta gets asked to pair up with a fraternity to partake in Homecoming week activities. Homecoming is a week full of fun events that allow you to show your school spirit and meet a lot of people in the fraternity. Each fall we go to homecoming with a different fraternity and have events with them throughout the week! Last year we had a Netflix & Chill night, a sushi dinner, a pumpkin carving event, a bonfire, a Decades themed exchange, and finished off the week by tailgating and going to the USC football game! Homecoming isn’t the only week we are paired up with a fraternity to tailgate. Every week during the season we pair up with a different fraternity to tailgate and walk over to the game together. It’s just one more way to meet other members of Greek life here at USC and show your Trojan pride!