2018 Schedule

Open House day ~ January 19

Open House Day is the first day of formal recruitment where PNMs will visit all of the sorority houses. These parties are brief and give you a chance to meet girls from each sorority for the first time. This is the first glimpse you get at what it would be like to be in each house. 

sisterhood day ~ January 20

Sisterhood Day is the second day of formal recruitment where PNMs visit up to seven sorority houses. On this day you will get to watch a slideshow of each house and get a more intimate look at what it truly means to be a sister. This is one of our favorite days of recruitment here at Tri Delta! 

Involvement day ~ January 25

Involvement Day is the third day of formal recruitment where PNMs will visit up to four houses. On this day you will get a closer look at what it is like to actually be a member of the sorority. You get to take a house tour while also learning about philanthropy, academic life, sisterhood, and involvement! You'll learn all about what organizations the girls are in along with what values are truly important to members of Tri Delta!

Preference Day ~ January 26

Preference Day is the fourth and final day of formal recruitment. On this day PNMs visit up to two houses and ultimately walk away knowing which house they want to be in. This is the most important day of recruitment considering it is the final day before Bid Day! Sisterhood is the most important aspect of this day and by the end of the day you should feel like you've found the house for you!

Bid Day ~ January 27

Bid Day marks the end of the formal recruitment process! On this day you receive your bid card and get to run over to the row to dance and hang out with all of your new sisters! There's a bunch of great food and activities along with getting to know your new best friends. It's a great way to celebrate the end of recruitment and the beginning of your new lifelong friendships!


Tri Delta defines a legacy as a daughter, step-daughter, sister or step-sister of a Tri Delta member. 

~Letters of Recommendation~

We love and encourage letters of recommendation from our alumni. Please send letters to the following address:

Kelsey Kreindler
834 West 28th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90007

For any more information, e-mail our Reference Chair Kelsey Kreindler at uscdddreference@gmail.com.